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For their tenth anniversary, Wounded Warrior Project commissioned us to produce a 12-part documentary series showing the heartbreaks and triumphs of the veterans they serve.

Originally intended for web-only distribution, an early cut attracted MSNBC. We collaborated with the network to build Taking the Hill, a live veterans issues show with each weekly broadcast centered around one of the films. After its cable run, the show moved to Netflix. The innovative financing and distribution approach would go on to serve as a model for our Hulu series Small Business Revolution.

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Excerpt: Jessica

Excerpt: Keith and Chris

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Matt Naylor

David Rice

Matthew L. Wallis

Billy West

Matt Hirst

Tanya Belk

Billy West

Jacob Hildebrand

Ryan Gould

Sarah McCaskill

Wolfgang Held

Thorsten Thielow

Tony Levin

Stephen Barber

Sara Nelson

Ramy Antoun

Nikki Jensen

Nigel Eaton

Neville Farmer

John Egan

Ephraim Owens

David Grissom

Darin Murphy

Chris Maresh


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