Nearly One Hundred Christmas Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of

an already blue-eyed Christmastime
an altogether abnormal Christmastime
an annually fallacious Advent
an anxiously gray Advent
an awkwardly misty nativity
a basically tangible Christmastime
a beautifully royal Advent
a bitterly cynical Advent
a blindly vengeful Christmastide
a boldly moldy Advent
a bravely erratic Christmastime
a carefully ten nativity
a closely four yule
a colorfully secretive Xmas
a completely holistic Advent
a daily broad Christmastide
a deeply cluttered Advent
a definitely ablaze Noel
a directly cloudy Christmastime
a doubtfully watery Christmastide
a dutifully flaky Noel
the everywhere terrible nativity
a freely shaggy yuletide
a gladly nondescript Christmastime
a gleefully harsh Christmastide
a gratefully majestic Noel
a healthily shocking Xmas
a helpfully crowded yule
a honestly petite nativity
a hopelessly venomous Advent
the initially hilarious Noel
the joshingly responsible Xmas
the jovially bawdy yuletide
the kiddingly abundant nativity
the kindheartedly beneficial Noel
the kindly different Advent
the kissingly superficial Xmas
the knavishly tall Xmas
a likely waggish Noel
a madly enormous yuletide
a mainly willing yuletide
a meaningfully selfish yule
a merely exuberant yule
the mockingly needless Xmas
a mostly exotic Advent
the naturally adamant yuletide
a necessarily raspy Advent
a nervously lush yuletide
a noisily hulking yule
an obediently untidy Christmastide
an obnoxiously violent yuletide
an occasionally obscene Christmastide
an only grey Christmastime
an optimistically overconfident Xmas
a partially giddy Advent
a perfectly long-term Christmastide
a personally wasteful Advent
a playfully petite nativity
a probably delirious nativity
a promptly merciful Noel
the queerly high-pitched Christmastide
the questioningly macho Noel
the quicker ritzy Advent
the rapidly glamorous Noel
the recklessly quack yuletide
the rightfully finicky Advent
the rudely excited Advent
a safely mere yule
a scarily rainy Christmastime
a seemingly panicky Noel
a seldom same yule
a selfishly possible yule
a separately amusing yule
a slowly squealing nativity
a softly weak Christmastide
a successfully descriptive Christmastime
a suddenly empty nativity
a sweetly chubby nativity
a thankfully panoramic Noel
the therefore quickest yuletide
the totally zany yule
the unaccountably scared Christmastime
the unbearably calculating Xmas
the unexpectedly possessive yule
the upliftingly nutritious yule
a uselessly aware Christmastide
an utterly obedient nativity
the vaguely angry yuletide
a voluntarily hypnotic nativity
a wholly abandoned nativity
a wonderfully imperfect Xmas
the yawningly domineering Christmastime
a yearningly smoggy yule
the zestily flagrant yuletide