it doesn't have to be like this

Don't get me wrong, I love chains of forwarded emails as much as the next guy. But sometimes you've got to wonder who some of these people are, especially when you're paying for each and every one of them. And while plenty of projects need all hands on deck, others simply need the right set of hands.

I'm David Rice. For fifteen years at Flow Studios, my partner Matt Naylor and I have helped brands create resonant work across all types of media.  Over the last twelve months I've delivered dozens of national radio ads with a soup-to-nuts approach that includes creative development, copywriting, voiceover, music, sound design, and mix. The efficiencies make for real cost savings, while the direct collaboration ensures the person pushing the buttons and voicing the spot fundamentally understands the mission at-hand. It all adds up to a fun, easy, and direct collaboration that creates strong, creative, and effective work.

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